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Front Sight Scam? Fraud?

Front Sight Scam?

Scam or Real Deal? Is Dr. Ignatius Piazza building a resort community with hotel, interval ownership condominiums, and recreational vehicle spaces?

REAL DEAL. Dr. Ignatius Piazza and Front Sight Firearms Training Institute have secured a 15-year development agreement with Nye County, NV that allows the development of a 400-room hotel, 2,000 condominiums, 400 RV spaces and a retail and commercial mall on Front Sight’s 550-acre facility. Site plans are approved and construction plans are being completed. The project has strong demand from Front Sight’s base of 200,000 plus students and 26,000 lifetime members because Front Sight trains over 30,000 students per year, selling out all the hotel rooms in the communities around Front Sight each week that Front Sight holds courses. Front Sight is currently seeking full funding to complete the project.

Scam or Real Deal? Is it true that Dr. Ignatius Piazza and Front Sight Firearms Training Institute have never canceled a scheduled course in Front Sight’s 14-year history?

REAL DEAL. Dr. Ignatius Piazza and Front Sight have as a strict policy, that any course placed on the schedule is provided regardless of the enrollment numbers, even if it means Front Sight loses money on the course. In the early days of Front Sight, students were often shocked when they arrived to see Front Sight providing three of four full courses of handgun students but just two students in rifle and shotgun courses. Front Sight was providing the scheduled shotgun and rifle courses as promised. The private training that the rifle and shotgun students received in such low-enrollment courses was greatly appreciated by those lucky students, but what impressed all the students most was the fact that Front Sight valued their students enough to provide courses at a financial loss to honor their promise that they would never cancel a scheduled course no matter the enrollment numbers.

Scam or Real Deal? Do Front Sight Lifetime Members save up to 40% on ammunition and pro shop accessories at Front Sight?

REAL DEAL. Some Front Sight Lifetime Memberships, such as the Silver and Diamond Lifetime Memberships, provide pro shop discounts of up 40% off retail pricing in the pro shop.

Scam or Real Deal? Was Dr. Piazza and Front Sight Firearms Training Institute responsible for Las Vegas Hotel Casinos arming their plainclothes security personnel?

REAL DEAL. Dr. Ignatius Piazza and Front Sight encouraged and provided the training for one of the largest hotel casinos on the Las Vegas Strip to arm their plainclothes security. As a result, other well known hotel casinos followed.

Scam or Real Deal? Was Dr. Ignatius Piazza and Front Sight instrumental in arming airline pilots after 9-11?

REAL DEAL. Immediately after 9-11, Dr. Ignatius Piazza was the first to demand that airline pilots be armed in the cockpits. Dr. Ignatius Piazza and Front Sight followed up with numerous national press releases, radio advertisements and television advertisements in the Washington DC area as well as grass roots letter-writing campaigns to demand that pilots be armed and trained. Dr. Piazza and Front Sight also provided free gun training to pilots, pilot association representatives, and legislators to educate and inform them on the benefits of armed pilots. Dr. Ignatius Piazza and Front Sight were instrumental in the eventual passage of law that allowed for the Federal Flight Deck Officer program.

Scam or Real Deal? Has Front Sight Firearms Training Institute trained more students in a weekend than their closest competitors train in a year?

REAL DEAL. Front Sight, with 24 ranges, 8300 square foot classroom, and large cadre of seasoned and professional instructors can efficiently and expertly train up to 1,000 students per day. Through weekend and mid-week courses, Front Sight routinely trains 400 to 1,200 students per week. Front Sight’s closest competitor trains approximately 900 students per year.

Scam or Real Deal? Does Dr. Ignatius Piazza and Front Sight Firearms Training Institute really have the finest instructional staff in the industry?

Front Sight Finest Instructional Staff

REAL DEAL. Dr. Ignatius Piazza developed Front Sight’s Instructor Development program which consists of taking retired military, law enforcement, and NRA instructors, as well as private citizens who have completed Front Sight courses and placing them through an intense 4-day instructor development course where their marksmanship, gun handling, and instructional skills are brought up to the highest levels in the industry. Upon successfully graduating from Front Sight’s Instructor Development Course, Front Sight line coaches and instructors then receive ongoing instructor training blocks every day that they are working at Front Sight until they reach the coveted position of a Front Sight Range Master and are capable of demonstrating on demand and at speed, with 100% accuracy, all shooting techniques and lecture blocks of the courses they are Range Master certified to teach. This is without question the highest standard in the industry, and results in Front Sight collectively having a firearms training instructional staff that surpasses any other firearms training instructional staff in the world.

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