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Ignatius Piazza Bankruptcy?

Ignatius Piazza Bankruptcy?

Scam or Real Deal? Has Front Sight or Dr. Ignatius Piazza ever filed a bankruptcy of any kind?

SCAM: This is a scam of monumental proportions that is reaching urban legend status. Front Sight and Dr. Ignatius Piazza have NEVER filed a bankruptcy. Quite the opposite. Front Sight, under Dr. Piazza’s guidance has doubled one or more aspects of its business every year for 14 straight years. This includes aspects of the business such as facilities, membership, instructional staff, course curriculum, course offerings and numbers of students trained.

The Front Sight Bankruptcy hoax was started several years ago when Dr. Piazza, in a brilliant legal strategy, refused to comply with what he believed were unfair terms of a civil settlement and forced Judge James Ware (known on the Internet as the “Lying Federal Court Judge”) to place Front Sight into Court Appointed Receivership.

Dr. Piazza, knowing that the adverse parties in the civil settlement feared that a Court Appointed Receiver could never manage Front Sight, called the bluff of the Court and the adverse parties in the civil settlement. As a result, the settlement was immediately amended to Dr. Piazza’s approval and favor. The Receivership was removed within seven days of the original appointment and Front Sight was never out of Dr. Piazza’s control. No assets were ever seized. No bankruptcy was ever filed. Front Sight continued under Dr. Piazza’s command to once again double one or more aspects of Front Sight’s business that year and every year since.

So is Dr. Ignatius Piazza and Front Sight Firearms Training Institute a SCAM or REAL DEAL?

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After attending Front Sight Firearms Training Institute and experiencing Front Sight for myself, I believe that Dr. Ignatius Piazza with his 550 acre world class firearms training facility, a schedule of courses that have never been cancelled in Front Sight’s history; the finest firearms training instructional staff in the world; routinely training 400 to 1200 students per week; providing lifetime memberships that allow students to get a lifetime of training for a fraction of what he personally paid for his training; a willingness to share his wealth to the tune of tens of millions of dollars in free and discounted training for responsible American citizens, giving away over 10,000 guns to date; and assisting gun right organizations and non profits in raising money for their respective causes by giving them tens of millions of dollars in cash and benefits IS THE REAL DEAL and quite frankly I question the motives of anyone who would claim otherwise.